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Paperlz is your online document management system, customized to your needs.

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Awesome Features

We can customize paperlz to your needs, but already offer the following features:

  • Secure

    You're documents are protected and available from any device.

  • Easy to Customize

    Let's customize paperlz to your specific business.

  • Search

    Search and find your files easily.

  • Share documents

    Share your files with colleagues and/or clients.

  • Drag and drop

    Just drag multiple files to paperlz and upload instantly.

  • Administrator

    Monitor all activity with your administrator account.

How does it Work?

In two simple steps: Scan and upload...it's as simple as that!

Paperlz can be used in a wide range of businesses. From lawyers, accountants, consultants to schools...every organization has archives that are more easy searchable in an online environment.

Benefits Of Paperlz

  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Stop wasting time searching documents.

  • ELIMINATE STORAGE SPACE: No more costs for binders and cabinets.

  • IMPROVED COMMUNICATION: Every colleague and client has (restricted) access to files, no matter their location.

  • Extra features: Customize paperlz to your specific needs.

The difference with Dropbox / Google drive?

Other services might look the same, but the most important differences with Paperlz are the following four:

No need to download

Paperlz doesn't require you to download/update any program on your local computer.

Search functionality

Paperlz gives you advanced search features, not only on file name.

Administrator rights

Paperlz gives you admin rights so you can monitor the uploads, manage users or restore deleted files.


Paperlz is customizable to your specific needs. You can even integrate it in your company website.

Pricing Table

No hidden costs, no installation fees.


  • 20 GB Space
  • 1 user
  • Over limit $0.95/GB/month
  • 1 predefined databases
  • ---
  • Regular support


  • 40 GB Space
  • 2 users
  • Over limit $0.85/GB/month
  • 3 predefined databases
  • ---
  • Regular support


  • 95 GB Space
  • 2-5 users
  • Over limit $0.45/GB/month
  • Unlimited databases
  • Administrator account
  • Feedback within 36 hours


  • Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited users
  • ---
  • Unlimited databases
  • Administrator account
  • Feedback within 24 hours


Do you want more features? Let us know and we will build it!


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